Wreckage of the USS Lexington Found

The wreckage of the USS Lexington is found nearly 500 miles out of the eastern coast of Australia. The crew of the research vessel Petrel found ‘Lady Lex’ on a depth of 10.00 feet deep in surprisingly good condition. 

The USS Lexington was lost after a four day battle on the 8th of may 1942 in the battle of the Coral Sea. The carrier was deliberately sunk by another US warship and 200 lives where lost during the battle. The vessel went down carrying 35 airplanes. The Lexington was involved in one of the first carrier on carrier battles ever.

The research team led by Microsoft co-founder Allen Paul on board the research vessel Petrel found the wreckage on Sunday. 11 planes where found and the ship is in an remarkably good condition. Several pictures and video’s where released.  The team where thrilled to honor the fallen hero’s of the battle of the Coral sea which fought so hard to prevent an invasion of Australia by Japan.

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