Tusa Serene Snorkeling Set Review | Truly a Premium Snorkel Set!

he Tusa Serene Snorkel Set is one of the best snorkel Sets out there. The silicone of the mask is soft and has a great female fit. The snorkel is equipped with a dry top which prevents water from entering the snorkel and has a comfort bite mouthpiece. Snorkeling with a mask and snorkel never has been more comfortable! 

The Tusa Serene Black Series combo is available in three colors: Hot Pink, Fish Tail Blue and Ocean Green. All colors have a black skirt and a black snorkel with accents in the matching color. You can also buy a version of the set which include fins and these are only available in the hot pink color.

The Mask

The mask of the Serene set is truly a piece of art. The silicone is very soft and the mask has a great fit overall. Being specially made for woman the fit is a bit narrower than normal masks which will fit most woman perfectly. The single lens has a tempered layer which makes the mask also suitable for scuba diving. The field of view is good but we wished that the mask just had a slightly lower volume to ensure a bigger field of vision. Now you will see a large portion of the frame and some of the silicone skirt.

The Snorkel

The snorkel is a direct copy of the high-end Tusa Hyperdry snorkel which many scuba divers know and love. The snorkel includes a dry top which ensure no water gets into the snorkel even when you dive down. Below the mouthpiece you will find a purge valve with which water is easy to blow out, this of course if any waters get’s in at all. The mouthpiece itself is high quality but sadly not replaceable. Because of the shape and the lack of spare parts the one mouthpiece is the one you are stuck with.

The Fins

If you choose the set with fins you will find the Tusa Sport Blade Fins in the package. These fins are kept short to make them easy to travel with but are wide enough te be efficient in the water. The fins are open heel and are intended to be worn with bare feet.  Because of the large size span it’s easy to lend out your fins to any participant who wants to give a crack at snorkeling!

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