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Tusa Paragon Dive Mask Review | Best Mask of 2018?

by Arjan Ligtermoet

The Tusa Paragon is one of the most expensive scuba masks out there. The only mask which it can match in price is the Atomic Aquatics Venom. Although the Tusa Paragon is a great mask there are a few gimmicks on the mask which makes it much more expensive then needed. 

Ultra though build frame

The first “gimmick” is the frame. The frame is made out of tree materials and is shock absorbent. This might come in handy when you drop your mask but is totally unnecessary for most divers. The most harm a normal dive mask will endure is a fin kick to the head and masks without such a frame deal with it just fine.

Tusa Paragon Review

It’s like wearing sunglasses underwater

The lenses of the Paragon are not that big but big enough to have a descent field of vision. Both lenses have a UV 420 coating which protects your eyes from harm UV- and HEV light. Both have the capability to damage your retina. Tusa also added an A/R treatment to the lens which ensures 95% of the light actually reaches your eyes, with normal glass this is only 80%. Result is less reflections ,more vifit colors, better contrast and ultimately better overall vision. And the Paragon delivers on this promise. When you wear the mask it feels like you are wearing a slightly tinned pair of sunglasses and this is actually very nice!

Tusa Paragon Review

Best skirt ever. Period!

Onward to the skirt which is made of high end silicone and Tusa Implemented their famous Freedom technology. In this departement the Paragon really shines. This is the best fitting mask I have ever worn. Period. And it’s not just me but 5 different people to which we gave the mask said the same. It fits on almost any type of face and feels great when you wear it. You would almost wear in on land as well.

The last thing I want to adres is the buckle on the side. It can be set to 5 different positions and this also feels a bit gimmicky to me. Yes it is nice when the buckle can move up and down so your strap is in the position you desire but this feels like an unnecessary expensive solution. For me it would have been fine if they had kept the old buckles from the Tusa Freedom One which were great but less expensive to make.

Tusa Paragon Review

So is the Tusa Paragon worth a Buy?

If this mask was around $ 100,- or even $ 130,- this would be a no-brainer. The Paragon is an outstanding mask with a great fit, wonderful lenses and with a great field of view. But since it is $ 189,95 it feels like they made the mask to expensive by adding a shock absorbent frame and rotating buckles. So if you have some cash to burn, go for the Paragon it’s an awesome mask! More on a budget? Go for the Tusa Freedom one or Ceos which have a great fit as wel!

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