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Tusa Hyflex Switch Fin Review

by Arjan Ligtermoet

In this review we’re taking a look at the Tusa Hyflex Switch which is Tusa latest fin. The latest techniques went into this fin making it according to Tusa the best fin out there. Of course we’re here to test that bold claim.

First thing you will notice when you look at the fin is the fact the blade is very short with 36 cm or 14 in. Even the entire fin only measures out 57 cm or 22.5 inches which is rather short and great for travel purposes.

Cutting Edge Materials

The materials used in the Tusa Hyflex Switch are special. The inner part of the fin is made of something called Purimax which is basically a sort of Polyurethane. This ensures the fin is very flexible and we haven’t seen anything like it to date. The foot pocket also consists out of two types of rubber. A softer part on the foot for comfort and a harder rubber near the tows for power. Tusa Hyflex Switch


The bungee straps on the back on the fin are also pretty special. Normal bungee straps are a fixed size which you can’t adjust. Tusa made a special bungee strap which you can adjust. By removing the lit on the buckles it’s possible to adjust the strap in three preset wholes. You can do this on both sides which gives you six different lengths of the bungee strap.

A 2 part fin?!

One of the more crazy features of the Tusa Hyflex Switch is the fact you can actually take it apart. When you buy the fin there is a allen key included. On the side there are two little allen screws which connect the blade with the foot pocket. When removed the foot pocket and blade are separated and easier to bring along on your trip. Make sure you have a place to store the screws because there special and when you lose them your without a fin on holiday.
Tusa Hyflex Switch

Swim along please

All this latest technology comes together when you take the Hyflex for a spin. The kick resistance is best described as similar to a split-fin. There is hardly any strain on your muscles and you simple glide through the water. Unlike a split-fin you won’t have to kick like a mad man when you encounter some current. The Hyflex has more than enough power to easily get you through it.

Is the Tusa Hyflex Switch worth a buy?

If you don’t mind the hefty price tag the Tusa Hyflex is one of the best fins out there. The innovations this fin brings to the table are astounding and we would love to see some of these techniques applied to a more reasonable priced fin.

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JAMES L SCHMONSKY February 14, 2020 - 10:07 pm

Has anyone compared the Tusa Switch Pro Fin to the regular Tusa Switch fin ?


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