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Top 3 Travel BCD’s of 2018 | We help you pick!

by Corné Ligtermoet
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So you are a diver which moves a lot? Loves to travel to that tropical paradise? What you need is a decent travel BC.  We have listed the three best travel bcd’s with all the pros an cons so you can make the best choice!

1# Aqualung Outlaw


The Aqualung Outlaw is the newest BCD on our list but is the best out there. The Outlaw can be customized specifically to your needs. There are 27 size options so you will always find the right fit.  The BC only weighs in at 4 lbs and you can take it apart which makes it easier to carry along. Almost forget the most important thing, it dives great!

Check out the full review here!

The Goods

  • 27 sizing options which ensures that there is a perfectly fitting Outlaw out there for everybody
  • The modular system makes it easy to replace a broken part of the BC
  • Great diving characteristics
  • You will hardly notice that you have a BC on during your dive because of the great freedom of movement
  • The Outlaw is well made
  • Option to add weight- or trim weight pockets
  • A lot of daisy chains ensure that there is always a place to hang your accessories
  • The Sure Lock II weight system is still great

The Bads

  • The supplied carbine and octopus holder are low quality
  • Not great for dive professionals because of the lack of cargo pockets and the wing design
  • The optional weight pockets are really small and therefor it’s hard to fit large weights in it which usually are standard on holiday locations

2# Mares Pure SLS


Second on our list is the Mares Pure SLS. In many ways it’s similar to the Outlaw. It has great diving characteristics, is very comfortable and the new SLS weight system is great. Which makes it not ranking the top of this list is the fact that you can’t take it apart, it’s a lot heavier with its 8.6 lbs and there are not that many sizing options. The fact that it has a larger lift capacity than the Outlaw wasn’t convincing enough to put it on the first spot of our list.

Check out the full review here

The Goods

  • The new SLS weight system works great and keeps your weight pockets in place during your dive
  • Loads of padding in the harnas make it a very comfortable bcd to wear and dive with
  • Excellent dive properties because of the wing design
  • Limited possibility to dive with double tanks
  • A lot of freedom to move around thanks to the wing design
  • Great build quality

The Bads

    • Not suitable for dive professionals because of the back mounted bladder and the lack of storage space
    • Weight pockets can be hard to remove from the BCD when your not wearing it
    • Heavier then most travel BC’s

3# Scubapro LiteHawk


Coming in on the third spot of our list is the Scubapro LiteHawk, this is also a very lightweight travel BCD with its 4,8lbs. The big disadvantage is that there are no weight pockets available, so you are forced to dive with a weight belt. The Scubapro LiteHawk has a fairly large lift but due to the lack of the weightpockets it ends up in 3rd place.

The Goods

  • Excellent dive properties because of the wing design
  • Great build quality

The Bads

  • The wing has no possibility to install weight pockets, making it necessary to dive with a weight belt
  • The 2 accessories bags are actually superfluous because they are too small
  • Not suitable for dive professionals because of the back mounted bladder and the lack of storage space

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Steve April 12, 2019 - 5:57 am

I’m looking for a travel BCD and I’m considering the Aqualung Rogue and the Scubapro Litehawk. Have you compared these?

I dove with a Scubapro Hydros Pro and liked it but it’s too heavy for me to use as a travel BCD. The Litehawk price is nice but the lack of weight pockets concerns me. Do you know if one can buy optional weight pockets? The Rogue seems really good except for the price, in comparison to the Litehawk.

By the way, your reviews are excellent. Thanks!

Corné Ligtermoet April 12, 2019 - 2:23 pm

Hi Steve,
As I have mentioned in my other reply, I would chose the Rogue. You can buy weight pockets for the Litehawk but they cost 82 dollar on amazon: https://amzn.to/2UBu5Lp

Thanks for your compliment!


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