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Top 3 Best Snorkel Gear You Can Buy On Amazon | Plus Bonus Tip

by Corné Ligtermoet

Buying snorkel gear can be tricky, you can easily buy a pvc skirt mask and that is terrible! So we want to help you buy the best snorkeling gear for the right amount of money! Nowadays a lot of people wants a Full Face snorkel Mask but there are some major misconception about how to use one, when you want a full face snorkel mask check out the following posts from us!

But first, silicon or pvc?!

As I already mentioned pvc is terrible. But what is the difference between silicon and PVC? Pvc is a sort of plastic and you don’t want to have this as your skirt. In the beginning the pvc feels soft but after a while it will be really hard and it doesn’t form to your face anymore. That is also the moment that the mask isn’t water free. So when you are choosing snorkel gear always go for a silicon dive mask.

Top 3 Snorkel Gear you can buy on Amazon

#1 Tusa PoweTusa Powerview Mask | Full Face Snorkel AlternativerView –  Black Series Line – $50 to $100

The real number one for me is the Tusa PowerView. This is the best snorkel set I have used for a long time.  The silicone used on the Tusa Powerview is amazingly soft and is almost the same as a scuba mask. The lenses are pretty big and have a special ClearVu Coating from Tusa. This wil provides you with better color, clarity and transmission of light.

The snorkel included in the set is almost exactly the same as the Tusa Hyperdry Elite II(cost $39.95). The difference with the hyperdry is that the hyperdry has a flexible pipe and a different kind of purge. On top of the snorkel you will find a dry top and it will prevents water coming in when you head down.  The set is available with and without fins, I would suggest to get the set with fins. The fins are not to big so it is really nice to travel with it and it has major benefits to use it while snorkeling.

Tusa PowerView Black Series on Amazon for $60.95 
Tusa PowerView Black Series with Fins on Amazon for $72.95

#2 Tusa Visio Tri-ex (for men) / Tusa Serene set (for ladies) – Black Series line

Okay, in second place we have again Tusa. Tusa is on this moment the best manufacture for snorkel gear. The softness of the mask in combination with the price is amazing! The Tusa Visio Tri-Ex for men and the Tusa Serene set for the ladies is the best buy when you are looking for mask softness and price. Both sets don’t have fancy glasses but just normal tempered glass.

Tusa Serene set

Tusa Visio Tri-Ex | Full Face Snorkel Alternative

The silicon used on the Tusa Visio Tri-Ex and the Serene set are the same as the Tusa Powerview, the number one on this list. It’s amazingly soft and that stays that way for the next years when you buy this set. This snorkel gear set has the same snorkel as the number one and you also can get this set with and without fins. Again I suggest to get the one with the fins!

The Tusa Visio Tri-Ex (for men) on Amazon for $49.95
The Tusa Vsio Tri-Ex With Fins on Amazon for $79

The Tusa Serene (for ladies) on Amazon for $49.95
The Tusa Serene With Fins on Amazon for $67.95

#3 Cressi Frameless Snorkel Set

cressi Frameless Snorkelset

It’s time for a other brand, the Cressi Frameless Snorkel Set. This is a awesome set with again a dry top snorkel. The snorkel mask is frameless which is great, “what is frameless?” I hear you think. A frameless mask is completely made from silicone and doesn’t have any plastic around the glass. This is awesome in the way when you drop the mask the frame can’t break, of course when you hit hard enough the mask will break. The set is priced at 43 dollar and that is cheap for its quality.

The Cressi Frameless Snorkel Set on Amazon for $49.95

Bonus tip – Don’t Get Sunburned!

You know that person on the beach that is as red as tomato, you know he isn’t going to sleep good that night. Getting a sunburn is really easy while snorkeling. So protect yourself, you can do it with a sun lotion but most of time that will not cut it. What you need is a Rash guard with UV protection.  A rash guard isn’t expensive and will protect you from any sunburn, so please protect yourself!

The Charmleaks Women Rash Guard UV Protection 50 on Amazon for $20,95
The Quicksilver Men Quicksilver Rash Guard UV Protection 50 on Amazon for $29,95

rashguard female Oniel Quicksilver Rashguard

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