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The Top 3 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks

by Corné Ligtermoet
Top 3 best Full Face snorkel masks

Nowadays you see a lot of Full Face Snorkel Masks, but there are many knock offs which aren’t save, article here. So which Full Face Snorkel mask is the best? For you, we have made a top 3 Best Full Face Snorkel Mask.

Important: When you want to buy a Full Face Snorkel Mask you can’t do the following things:
– Swim underwater
– Clear your ears
– Heavy swimming
– Freediving
When you want to freedive you will need to buy a normal snorkel and mask. You can find our top 3 best Full Face Snorkel Mask alternatives here!

The Top 3 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks

1# OceanReef Aria

The Ocean Reef Aria is the best Full Face Snorkel Mask you can get. The silicons are really soft, you can adjust the bands really easy and the main thing it is safe to use! There were a lot of testing before they bring it out for the public. The view underwater is great and you will be relaxed when you see all the beautiful fishes! The Ocean Reef Aria is coming in a bag from thick plastic, before putting the Aria in you need to dry them really good. We would prefer a mesh bag.

The Goods:

  • No training needed to snorkel with the Aria
  • Superior build quality

The Bads:

  • GoPro mount is not included and is sold separately
  • No Mesh Bag

Click here for the full review of the Ocean Reef Aria

Here is the Ocean Reef Aria on Amazon. Price: $89,-

2# Tribord EasyBreath

On the third spot we have the Tribord EasyBreath. They have a 2017 and a 2018 version. We recommend to buy the 2018 version because on the 2017 version the snorkel has had casualties that the snorkel detached unexpectedly. There are many sizes and you can also buy a children versions.  The Tribord EasyBreath is coming in a mesh bag so when you store the full face snorkel mask it will still dry.

The Goods:

  • Great build quality
  • Comes with Mesh Bag

The Bads:

  • GoPro mount is not included and is sold separately
  • Snorkel detached unexpectedly – fixed in 2018 version!

Find the Tribord EasyBreath on Amazon here. Price: $89.90

Tribord Easybreath | Best Full Face Snorkel Mask

3# Seaview 180°

A good runner up is the Seaview 180°. The design is almost the same as the Ocean Reef Aria and the Tribord EasyBreath but when you compare the quality of the materials you can see that the Ocean Reef and the Tribord is better. When the Seaview came in you can see the different build quality with the Ocean Reef and Tribord, it came in a cheap plastic bag what was broken already. 

The Goods:

  • Medium build quality if you compare to the Ocean Reef and Tribord
  • Comes with Mesh Bag
  • GoPro Mount included

The Bads:

  • Cheap Plastic bag
  • Not really a panoramic view

Find the Seaview 180 on Amazon here. Price: $49,-

Did you make a decision?! Awesome! Now it is important that your Full Face Snorkel Mask is fitting you well. Please follow our Buyers guide for a Full Face Snorkel Mask.

Seaview 180 | Best Full Face Snorkel mask


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ED R July 14, 2018 - 12:52 am

Tribird Easybreath is dangerous. The valve flaps become displaced easily without the swimmer’s knowledge, and then CO2 is no longer fully channeled toward the exhaust port. Next it gradually builds up in the mask’s deadspace and the swimmer’s bloodstream while he or she may be wandering further from the shore or the boat. CO2 narcosis then overwhelms the swimmer unexpectedly and he or she is unable to swim to safety without assistance. A couple months ago I had to rescue my wife when this happened. She was using a Tribord Easybreath. It would be better if 50ftbelow discontinued its promotion of these products. Cheap knock-offs are not the problem. The big brands are just as dangerous.

Alberto rio September 29, 2018 - 10:11 am

You will find many brands if you search for the best brands of full face snorkel masks. But are they really well? May be they have name and tag, but do they really work good?

ED R September 29, 2018 - 4:11 pm

Tribord Easybreath is one of the most expensive and famous brands, but its design is extremely dangerous. If expensive and famous brands are dangerous, then imagine how bad the other ones must be.


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