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Suunto Zoop Novo Review

by Arjan Ligtermoet

Watch the full video review of the Suunto Zoop Novo above.

The Suunto Zoop Novo is the successor of the original zoop dive computer which was a giant succes. Can the Zoop Novo fill the shoes its predecessor and be as good as the Aqualung i300.

Better Display

The new Suunto Zoop Novo is a big display computer but this time round the display is DOT-Matrix which greatly improves the readability. Another improved is the fact that the display has a light now which can be turned on in dark circumstances like during a night dive. The computer is put in a solid housing which feels though and durable. Instead of three buttons on the original Zoop the Novo has four which still aren’t really a pleasure to push. The feel a bit unresponsive and hurt your fingers after zipping through the menu’s for a while.

Suunto Zoop novo wrist | 50ft Below

What Mode?!

The entry-level Zoop Novo has four different modes with off course a dive mode which handles all the decompression calculations using the Suunto RGBM. This new algoritme has deep stop capabilities, when turned on the computer will suggest a stop at a greater depth to increase safety and extend your bottom time. Diving enriched air is possible with a mixture with a maximum of 50 procent oxygen. It isn’t possible to enter more than one gas, if you look for a computer which can the Suunto Vyper Novo may be the right one for you.

In Gauge mode the Zoop Novo becomes a glorified depth gauge because the computer will only keep track of basic metrics like depth and duration and won’t do any decompression calculations. The new addition in the mode department is the freedive mode. Although this is a fun mode to use when snorkeling or for a occasional freedive, the serious freediver will find the computer to bulky to use.

Suunto Zoop

Great Battery Life

All the usual alarms are present on the Zoop Novo like the depth-. dive time-, and ascent alarm. The memory of the computer got a big boost and now can store up to 140 hours of diving. Fun extra is the lifetime memory which records your ‘lifetime achievements’ like hours spend underwater and deepest depth reached. The battery will last for a year and a half when you make 100 dives a year or less. You could change out the battery yourself but beware you need a really small torx screwdriver and the official Suunto battery kit which contains a o-ring and a new cover besides the fresh battery.

Is the Suunto Zoop Novo worth a buy?

The Suunto Zoop Novo is one of the best beginner dive computers out there. The display is easy to read and it has all the features a beginner needs. The pricing of the computer is very reasonable but it would’ve been nice if the interface was included. Also you might want to pick up the protective boot which make the buttons easier to operate.

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