Suunto D5 Preview | The dive computer we are waiting for?

As a big fan of the Suunto D series, I’m really looking forward to the new Suunto D5. The D5 shapes up to be a all-in-one dive watch with future smart watch capabilities. All the more reason to take a sharp look at the new Suunto D5


The capabilities of the Suunto D5 are very similar to the Suunto Eon Core. You can dive with air, nitrox and you can use 3 gases from 21% till 99% oxygen. Like the Eon Core you can customize the display for every dive mode. How this pans out in real life on that smaller screen? We’ll have to wait and see until we get our hands on one.

Suunto is introducing a “new” decompression algorithm which is called the Suunto Fused™ RGBM 2. In the new version Suunto claimes to have found a way to shorten no fly time. Suunto says the following about this:

“The Suunto Fused™ RGBM 2 doesn’t require your body to be completely free of residual gases when calculating no-fly times for a normal airline pressurized up to 3000 meters. The change reduces the required time between your last dive and flying while maintaining your safety. The updated algorithm Fused™ RBGM 2 is introduced in the Suunto D5”

So this might mean that you can keeping diving for longer and closer to your flight in the future.

Vibrating Dive Alarms?

Since god knows when Suunto dive computers have vocal alarms which we thankfully shut up every time we use a new one. Now there is a new way of alarming you during your dive, vibration! It would be awesome if you could turn off the sound and keep the vibration. I just wonder, will this also work when you wear the D5 over a thick wetsuit or drysuit?

On the Boat show in Dusseldorf

The Suunto D5 as a Smart Watch?

If you look beyond the realm of dive computers towards other “outdoor” related Suunto computers, you might notice that almost all of them are smart watches. A little birdie from Suunto already told us that we might get an update in the near future which gives the D5 full smart watch capabilities.

We are still waiting for Suunto to send us a copy of the D5 to make several test dives with. Once we have a full understanding of the computer we’ll get back to you with a full review!

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