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Shearwater Perdix AI Review | All You Can Ever Wish For

by Arjan Ligtermoet

Shearwater computers are famous for two things: Simplicity an robustness. This makes these computers loved by technical and recreational divers all over the world. This is quitte impressive since the Canadian company was founded in 2004. The newest addition in the Shearwater family is the Perdix AI. The AI stands for air integration and was only added a year after the introduction of the Perdix. Nowadays all of the computers have integration but you may find some old computers lingering on the web nonetheless.  So be mindful when buying a second hand Perdix! 

On first look the Shearwater looks like it’s build as a tank! The casing is solid and bolted down with eight screws. Thanks to this build quality it can withstand depths up to 850 ft/260 meters. Keep in mind though that beyond 400 ft/130 meters the depth sensor isn’t accurate anymore.

Key Feature

One of thé selling points (in my opinion) of the Perdix is the full color LCD display. It’s bright, colorful and easy to read in all circumstances. The brightness of the screen automatically adjusts to the light available. This means that in bright conditions the screens becomes brighter and in dark less darker. Pretty similar as your smartphone does. This safes the battery and means that in bright conditions the screen can be cranked up to insane brightness making it o so pleasant to read.Shearwater Perdix ReviewWhat I also love is the fact that the information is displayed in different ways depending on what type of dive you’r doing. If you are doing a recreational dive, the Perdix only shows you the essentials for that dive. When you engage in a technical dive with a rebreather or trimix, the display adjusts accordingly. This ensures you don’t have any redundant information on your display and never have to look for the information you need. It is even possible to adjust certain rows within every display to adjust the Perdix even more to your wishes.

But there is more!

The Shearwater Perdix has many different modes and is usable in almost all dive scenario’s you can imagine. Of course it does air and enriched air nitrox up to 100 procent up to three gases. The Perdix is a full decompresion trimix computer. Is ready to take on a closed circuit rebreather with a fixe ppo2, and has full gauge capabilities. Calculations are made with the Buhlmann GF algorithm and it’s possible to upgrade to VPM-B algorithm if you wish to.

Shearwwater Perdix Review Shearwater Perdix ReviewYou can upgrade your Perdix with the latest firmware and unlike other companies Shearwater actually does upgrade their computers. On this moment in time were up to version 53. With every computer comes a free desktop program with which you can do dive planning and logging. Not like there is any need for that since the computer can hold up to 1000 hours worth of diving. If you do decide to transfer you dives, you can do so with the build in Bluetooth connection which also happens to work with smartphones. There is a dedicated app for IOS and Android.

Dive Planning

The dive planner on the Perdix is one of the most comprehensive one’s I have ever seen. It calculates full decompression models and compresses them in understandable tables shown on the computer. When doing a recreational dive, when you haven’t put in a planning, it shows how much gas you’ll need to get to the surface. It just shows Shearwater goes above and beyond to deliver an excellent product.

Shearwater Perdix Review

Another aspect of the Perdix which is great is the digital compass. Normally I would always stick with my trustworthy Suunto SK-8 compass which never fails to point me in the right direction. The digital compass on the Perdix however is great. It’s 3 axis tilt compensation works great and is very accurate. With this compass I’m more than happy to toss my analoge one.

Nothing wrong with the Shearwater Perdix?

Despite being a awesome computer there are still some minor things to be desired. The battery isn’t a rechargeable one. It goes for 100 diving hours and is user replaceable but nonetheless the Suunto Eon Core and Steel have a leg on the Perdix here.  Another thing is the fact that only two transmitters can connect to the computer at once. Great for sidemount divers but significantly less than the 9 transmitter which the Scubapro Galileo allows.

Despite these two points the Shearwater Perdix is one of the best, if not so the best dive computer. If you buy this you will have a dive computer for life. No matter the diving you’r going to do, the Perdix can handle it! The price is on par with other computers in the high-end range and the options of the Perdix exceeds all the other computers. We can happily recommend a Shearwater Perdix to everyone!

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George June 11, 2019 - 6:17 pm

Guys, I have been looking at the Perdix AI for some time now and think that I do want to get one soon. From our dive group most divers have switched from Suunto Eon Core to the Perdix and are super happy with the change.

Say how many colors can you see on the Perdix AI?


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