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Scubapro X-Black Review

by Arjan Ligtermoet

In this Scubapro X-Black review we’re shining a critical light on one of the highest priced BCDs out there! During our trip to the Philippines we seized the opportunity to test the X-Black in a more demanding environment in deeper water with current.

The Scubapro X-Black is a traditional BCD with a bladder which completely surrounds the diver. If you inflate it the air will accumulate everywhere including on the sides. This results in a large lift capacity ranging from 170N in the smallest size up to 290N in the largest size. To easily deflate the bc Scubapro has made red bungees on the back which squeeze the bladder together.

Look and Feel

Overall the X-Black looks and feels really though because all the materials used are top notch. The first time you put on the BC you can feel a lot of Scubapro’s attention went towards the comfort side. There is a lot of extra padding everywhere and because of that it won’t take you long to feel comfortable in the X-Black.

No Quick-Release!

Two large weight pockets are fitted on the side which can hold up to 6 kg or 13 lbs each. They are securely tightened with clips on the side which aren’t quick release like many other brands have already. You actually have to unclip them before they release in case of an emergency. This might be something to tell your buddy during your pre dive check. Next to the backplate on the rear two trim weight pockets are made which hold up to 2 kg or 4.5 lbs each but they are non-dumpable.

Scubapro X-Black trim weight pockets

Storage, Storage and more Room for Storage!

On the back of the Scubapro X-Black you will find two openings on the backplate which are there for mounting a double tank system. The maximum size which is safe to use is two times 8.5 liters. On either side of the X-Black there are two large pockets fitted which are huge. They can hold a ton of accessoires but there is more..you can also load a lot onto one of the eight d-rings which are scattered around the bc. There is also an opening for a dive knive and there are openings made for your console and octopus. An important note is that only Scubapro knives will fit.

Best Inflator Ever!

The inflator of the Scubapro X-Black is one of the best we have seen to date. Its really responsive and the buttons are big enough to comfortably operate them even when wearing gloves. Only thing you have to do to make it perfect is remove the annoying whistle which keeps coming down and blocks the buttons.

Scubapro X-Black Inflator


The diving characteristics of the X-Black are great. The position underwater is good and also above water the bc keeps you nice and stable in a upright position. Thanks to the excellent dump valves and inflator the bc controlling your buoyancy is easy. Only downside is when the X-Black is fully inflated it presses you as a diver firmly together! We think the red bungees are to blame but were not sure of it.

Is the Scubapro X-Black worth a buy?

In conclusion the X-Black is a great BCD from Scubapro which has some downsides which come with the design. Especially Instructors and dive professionals will appreciate the big pockets and loads of d-rings on the X-Black. What we would like to see improved is a proper quick release system on the weight pockets the next time! This concludes our Scubapro X-Black review!

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