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Scubapro SeaHawk Review | 50ft Below

by Arjan Ligtermoet

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The Scubapro Seahawk is a bcd with the bladder mounted on the backside. This should greatly improve your position in the water but does it really? Find out in this Scubapro Seahawk review!

The Scubapro Seahawk is a so-called semi-wing bcd. As a result, the bladder isn’t around the diver but on the back. Much like the Mares Pure SLS. The main advantage is that your diving position will greatly improve because the bcd will keep you more horizontal trough out the dive. Another advantage is the way the bc is inflated, because the bladder isn’t inflated around you but at the back of the bc the seahawk won’t press you together which will give you a lot more freedom of movement. Last but not least the lift capacity is the same trough out the size range. No matter what size you get you always will get 250N of lift capacity.

The downsides of a wing

A back-inflated BCD has some disadvantages which you won’t notice it until you reach the surface. When the seahawk is fully inflated it tends to push you foward (face down) in the water because all the air is in the back. To counter this you will have to lean a bit more backwards on the surface. This is something that you quickly get used to and will only be considered a disadvantage if you stay on the surface for a longer period of time, such as during teaching.

The Weight Pocket Situation

The Seahawk has two large weight pockets on the side which are closed with zippers and are clipped into a buckle. This ensures that the pockets are securely in place and you will not easily lose them underwater. It is unfortunate that the pockets can not be quick released in emergency. You first have to click the buckles loose, after which you can pull out the pockets. In addition to the side pockets the Seahawk also has trim weight system on the back which can hold up to a maximum of 1kg/2lbs per pocket. The regular weight pockets can hold a maximum of 6kg/12lbs per side.

Scubapro Seahawk Weight Pocket

Is the Scubapro Seahawk Comfortable?

Scubapro has put a lot of work in to make the Seahawk as comfortable as possible. A lot of padding has been added onto backplate and shoulder straps and therefore you back is supported and the bc stays comfortable during the whole dive. The collar has a soft neoprene neck which prevents it from cutting into your neck. Always have to adjust your cummerbund during a dive because it comes loose the deeper you go? Scubapro installed a elastic cummerbund which compensates for the compression of your suit.

Scubapro Seahawk Neck

Some Great Features

At the rear, the Seahawk is equipped with a quick release tank strap with a metal closure . Besides a single tank it is also possible to mount a double tank to a maximum of double 8.5 liters. Other things which stand out are the large cargo pockets which can hold a ton load of accessoires. This is quite exceptional for a semi-wing bcds because manufactures tend to remove the side pockets all together. In total there are six stainless steel d rings which are all in the right place only the upper d-rings feel a bit on the thin side. The build quality of the Seahawk is excellent, the Scubapro Seahawk is a premium bcd.

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