Scubapro Hydros Pro Review | a Game Changer by Scubapro!

The Scubapro Hydros Pro is the latest and greatest BCD by Scubapro and we got to say that it’s quite different then a regular BC. From the get go Scubapro set out to design a BCD which can be used both in local water and which you can bring along on your travels. So did they achieve that? Find out in our full Scubapro Hydros Pro review below. 

With a price point of $ 889,00 you can safely state that the Hydros Pro is set in the higher segment of the BCD spectrum. And when you take a look at it you can see why. Everything looks well build and the overal quality is great. The shoulder bands feel solid and the Hydros is fitted with the excellent power inflator which we have seen before on the Scubapro X-Black, which we reviewed before.


The Scubapro Hydros Pro is fitted with a backmounted bladder with a 180 newton lift capacity. This goes for all sizes except for small on which Scubapro mounted a bladder with 159 newton. Also the two smaller sizes for the female version of the Hydros have this smaller bladder. This shouldn’t be a problem since you will carry less weight when rocking these smaller sizes.

The bladder has several bungees running across it’s entire length which are there to distribute the air. With a normal wing getting the air out of the bladder can be quite a hassle, you have to be upright entirely or use the dumpvalve on the bottom. Thanks to the bungee’s the Hydros Pro is easy to deflate and a large portion of this problem is tackled and I’m sure you won’t have any trouble releasing air out of the BC. Unlike the Aqua Lung Outlaw the Hydros Pro has got a dumpvalve on the shoulder.

The rubber Harnas

Unlike so many other BCD’s the Hydros Pro has virtually no padding. The entire harnas is made out of monprene-gel, which is a sort of rubber. On first glance this sounds and looks terrible but the rubber is fairly flexible and feels very comfortable. Both shoulder straps are easy to adjust and there is no separate cummerband, just a click on strap. For my taste the backplate is a bit thin and you can definitely feel the thank through it when you’re underwater. It’s not uncomfortable but just different.

On the Hydros Scubapro implemented a BC 4 life system. This basically means that you can replace any broken part easily without ripping open any stitching. All the clips, d-rings, weightpockets, so basically everything is made this way. They truly went out of their way to ensure you won’t have to buy a new BC ever again.


On either side you will find the rather big weightpockets which, according to the spec sheet can house up to 16 lbs each. On the back there are two small trim weightpockets which supposedly houses 8 lbs each. More realistically the main pockets can take up to 12 lbs and the trim pockets 5 lbs which still brings the maximum load up to an impressive 34 lbs.

Something which makes the Hydros stand out is the fact that you can remove the main weight pockets. This greatly reduces the weight and it makes the BC a lot smaller and therefore easier to take along on travels. An extra set of straps comes with the package and there quite easy to install. It transforms the Hydros into a harnas only with a bladder on the back.Something we don’t care for is the fact that the weightpockets still aren’t quick release. You first have to unclick the buckle after which you can pull out the weightpocket. Almost all other brands have found a reliable way to one; secure the pockets and two; ensure that they can be removed easily in case of an emergency. It’s a shame Scubapro hasn’t found this solution just of yet.

Diving with the Hydros Pro

In the water the Hydros Pro is stable and very comfortable. Thanks to the backmounted bladder you get pushed into the diving position and you can stay in it easily. As said before the inflator is simply incredible and a pure joy to use. All d-ringsare there and easy to reach except we are missing two on top of the main weight pockets. These would be nice to secure the octopus and console on. Now we have to put them on the lower ones with the risk of dragging it through the sand. All the dumpvalves are also easy to reach and operate and the overall diving characteristics are simply great.

Optional Extra’s

The Scubapro Hydros Pro is pretty much a basic version if you buy it. Want to attach a knive? You will have to buy the optional knive holder. Want to have a cargo pocket? Buy the optional small or big cargo pocket. Want to attach some single- or double-enders? Buy the optional d-ring holder kit. To me this is pretty ludicrous. The BC is already one of the most expensive BCD’s out there and still you won’t have the full package. Sure you might not need some of the parts as described above but for this price you should get everything included.

Scubapro does include however a carrying bag and a seperate strap set to take of the weightpockets and transform the BC into a travel BC. Maybe left the bag and include all the other accessories?  Let us know what you think in the comments!

So is the Scubapro Hydros Pro worth a buy?

So you want a BCD which has great build quality? Which you can use on your local dives and abroad? And you don’t mind paying a bit more for a BC? Then the Scubapro Hydros Pro is the best choice for you! With the BC 4 Life system you probably won’t have to buy a new BCD ever again. The diving characteristics are great and you will love every dive with it.

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