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Scubapro G2 Dive Computer Review

by Arjan Ligtermoet

The Scubapro G2 is the long-awaited successor of the Galileo series of Scubapro. Various improvements have been made to make the Scubapro G2 just as revolutionary as the Galileo was in 2007. But did Scubapro pull it off and did they make the best computer till date?


The first thing which takes your notice when looking at the Scubapro G2 is the redesigned screen. It is a TFT color screen with many options. For instance you can set the color scheme and you can control the amount of information shown on the home screen. This improves the readability a lot but the G2 screen comes with a nasty downside. In clear water it will be hard to read because you get a lot of reflection. The best way to counter this is setting the colors to black and white which is the most readable in these conditions. The screen also has the nasty habit of scratching easily. Scubapro provides a scratch-guard in the box and the wise thing to do is to apply it immediately.
Scubapro G2

Operating the Scubapro G2

The Scubapro G2 is easy to operate thanks to the big buttons. Even when you wear gloves the buttons are easily pressed and are set wide enough to not press two at the same time. The menu’s are great and easy to navigate. Some options are well hidden and the provided manual doesn’t always point you in the right direction. Once you get used to the computer and know were all the options are it’s simply great to browse through the menu’s.

A lot of different modes

The Scubapro dive computer is packed with different dives modes. Thanks to the predictive multi-gas algorithm it is possible to dive with up to 8 different gases including trimix and enriched air. The G2 also supports freediving and closed circuit re-breathers. A lot of options which will give you as a diver a lot of flexibility and it’s great that everything is included and you don’t have to buy an upgrade to unlock certain features.

Scubapro G2


The Scubapro G2 is available as a wrist only computer or with a transmitter and Hearth rate monitor. Both are easy to connect but will take their time to push the signal to the computer. This can be rather annoying when you’r fully dressed and waiting for the G2 to pick up the signal. The HRM belt goes around your chest and reads your heart rate and body temperature. The algorithm takes this into consideration when calculation your decompression time. The readings from the HRM belt can vary and our experience is that you really need to put it on tight to get somewhat of an accurate reading. This can make you feel uncomfortable like it did to us and that’s why we would opt for a version without HRM belt.
Scubapro G2

Battery Life

The rechargeable battery on the G2 is simply great. After 11 dives over the course of a month we lost about 20 procent of battery. It’s safe to say that you can take the computer with you on a week of diving without charging it. The charging cable also doubles as a interface and it is possible to update the computer over time. Transferring data with Bluetooth is also an options and this works really well.

Is the Scubapro G2 Worth a Buy?

Yes! This is one of the best computers we have tested so far. The great battery life, the ton of dive modes and the many different ways to setup the screen makes this computer worth your money despite some downsides like the screen glare.

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