SCUBA Weights Calculator

Guessing how many weights you need on your holiday destination is always difficult. Different circumstances, different suit and maybe even an aluminium tank instead of a steel one. With the 50ft below weight calculator you can put in all your metrics and it will give you the correct amount of weights.

Step 1:
Convert your weight from kg to lbs. The formule is weight in kg x 2.2 = weight in LBS!
Step 2: Put in your weight, choose between salt and fresh water, choose your experience level, what tank you will be using and what type of suit you’r diving with.
step 3: At the end your estimated amount of weights is displayed in lbs. Please keep in mind that this is an estimation and only a starting point. Make sure you always do a weight check in the water.

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Amy Brooklyn February 13, 2020 - 9:45 pm
You are a very smart person!
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