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Photographer Captures Incredible Shot Of Shark Attacking His Camera

by Arjan Ligtermoet
Inside a hammerhead shark
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A photographer has captured an awesome shot of an hammerheads jaws whilst it tried to have a go at the underwater housing of Ken Kieffer II.

The incredible photo was taken by the wel renounced underwater photographer Ken Kiefer II on the coast of Bimini in the Caribbean. The island of Bimini is one of the last well-known spots where hammerhead sharks are frequently spotted.

The shark most likely lunged at the camera because of the placements of the eyes of Hammerhead sharks. Being placed on either end of the hammer they have trouble seeing a smalle area right in front of them. Sometimes when looking for the bait the might find a diver in their way. Being totally unharmed himself, the camera wasn’t as lucky. The dome port has to be chanced out because there are some teeth marks on it Ken says.

Ken is keen on photographing sharks but is also well known for his other work containing smaller animals and critters. In his 20 years of underwater photography he says anything goes as long it is underwater.

Hammerheads sharks are not considered dangerous to humans and prey on small fish and squid. There is however a small chance of an attack when provoked.

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