Ocean Reef Aria Review

Not long ago snorkeling entered a new era with the Tribord snorkeling mask. Less known is the fact that this mask was actually developed by Ocean Reef. The Tribord mask is made for a lower price it lack some quality. So Ocean Reef set out to develop their own; the Ocean Reef Aria. Is this truly the best full face snorkel mask out there?

How the Ocean Reef Aria works

The greatest asset of the Aria is the fact that you can freely breath through your nose and mouth. With a traditional mask and snorkel it’s only possible through breath through your mouth and this is a big turnoff for the less trained snorkelers out there. Simply slide the mask over your face and adjust the straps and you’r ready to go! To accommodate different face sizes Ocean Reef made two sizes for adults (XS/S and L/XL) and one for children. Besides checking the size chart as listed down below it is recommended to always physically fit a Aria before buying.

The Snorkel

The snorkel on the Ocean Reef Aria is easy to snap on and off which makes it easy to bring along on travels. The flutter system in the snorkel ensures that no water can run into the mask while snorkeling. It simply closes off the snorkel when it’s underwater which also restricts you from breathing in that moment. In the rare case water does get into the mask it’s easy to get rid off. Simply breath out and the water runs through the specially designed valve on the bottom of the mask. The Aria is supplied with a spare o-ring to replace the one fitted when it breaks or simply wears out.

Your view on the underwater world

One of the big upsides of a full face snorkeling mask is the great view on the underwater world. The Ocean Reef Aria is no exception to this with a lens which stretches out almost over the entire face. On the front the lens is made flat which counters any distortion which a spherical lens would give. Even though there is still some distortion on the edges of the flat surface where the glass bends. Thanks to the airflow which you create by breathing in and out you don’t have to worry about the lens fogging up. Big plus is the fact that this also rules out any spitting in your mask before snorkeling.

How does it feel?

Great! Because Ocean Reef is making full face scuba mask for a long time they have quitte some experience in this area. All this experience is translated towards this snorkel mask and the moment you put on the mask you can feel this. The edges feel soft to your face and in general the mask feels very comfortable. The overall build quality is really high and this is truly one of the best full face snorkel masks currently available. Even the straps feel very snappy and are easy to adjust.

No downsides?

There are a few things to consider before buying a full face snorkel mask. We have a full article with video about this and we strongly suggest you check it out before running to the store and picking up a Aria.

Read the full Article on 50ftbelow.com here: Before you buy a full face snorkelmask – buyers guide

Is the Ocean Reef Aria worth a buy?

The Ocean Reef Aria is a premium snorkel mask of the highest standards. Yes you pay a little bit more but you get a lot in return in form of build quality and a great lens. Especially snorkelers who have trouble snorkeling with a regular mask and snorkel will have a blast exploring the underwater world with the Aria.

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