New Scuba Gear of 2019

It’s 2019! A new year filled with new scuba gear to come. We took a look into the future at the Boot show in Dusseldorf which is the largest dive show of Europe. All the big brands where there and we all paid them a visit. Besides the big brands newest gear we found some interesting new start-ups as well! 


If we would have to point out a brand which impressed us the most on the show than that has to be Mares. A lot of new gear, a great stand on the show and a lot of staff running around explaining everything to all divers.

Mares Horizon

The biggest announcement by Mares is the Horizon. This is a consumer orientated semi-closed circuit rebreather. A few years ago Mares acquired REVO which has been key player in the rebreather market for years. With the Horizon they hope to bring the rebreather to the consumer market. First units are planned to be shipped around may but you do need special training to buy one. The training can only be followed with SSI for the time being. The starting price of the Horizon is around $ 5000.- for the non-decompression model and $ 5500.- for the decompression model. This is without the needed training.


Mares Genius

New in the computer range is the Genius which will replace the Icon HD. The new computer is fitted with a color display and loaded with a all new algorithm. The Bluetooth connection in the computer makes it easy to download dives onto your smartphone or laptop. One of the biggest cons of the Icon HD was the battery which didn’t last long. Mares states that they improved this and the Genius can go for 40 diver hours on one charge.


Mares Flexa Z-Therm

A zipper which runs is several bends around your body? This sounds weird and looks even weirder. Supposedly this ensures that you can don and doff the suit without any help. We couldn’t try on the suit on the show so no final verdict yet. Furthermore there is a crotch strap and the suits looks really sturdy!


Mares 82x and 72x with Epic Ultra

As one of the few manufactures Mares announced a new regulator. The 82x regulator is certified up till 600 ft and has proven itself up to 1200 ft. The numbers of the Mares regulators have always been impressive but we haven’t seen any Mares regulator been adopted by the tech community yet. Maybe they 82x Epic is the turning point?


Aqua Lung

Not much news from Aqua Lung this year. Aqua Lung had a big year in 2018 with the introduction of the Outlaw and Rogue bcds and with the Phazer fins. They overhauled two regulators and introduced a few new computers. It’s quitte impossible to do this two years in a row so it’s understandable that it’s a bit quieter this year round on the Aqua Lung stand.

Aqua Lung i770R

The predecessor of the i770, the i750 was a straight up disaster. Huge glare problems on the display, a battery which wouldn’t hold for even a short holiday and software which glitched a lot. It looks like these biggest problems are tackled with the new i770r dive computer. The battery is rechargeable and a new TFT display should fix the glare problem. But with this computer we surely advise to hold out on buying before a review is published.


Aqua Lung i200C

The Aqua Lung i200 has got an update with the introduction of the i200c. Much like the i300 which already got his c update it adds bluetooth connectivity to the Aqua Lung i200. It’s now possible to connect and download your dives from your i200 to your smartphone and laptop. You can even adjust settings in the diveplanner app on android and IOS.



Much like Aqua Lung Scubapro is taking a gap year. Not much new to report besides the giant leap which is called the Galileo HUD.

Scubapro Galileo HUD

We all know the Scubapro Galileo which we reviewed earlier. Beside it suffering from glare it was a solid computer. Now Scubapro has made this computer into a wearable HUD dive computer. You connect the computer to your mask and you can read it right through the glass. We didn’t have much time with it since it was hugely popular but it isn’t hard to read and a complete new take on dive computers. How it operates and works is still a big question mark though.



After the Suunto Eon Core in 2018 Suunto is again only introducing one computer for 2019 which is the Suunto D5.

Suunto d5

The Suunto d5 must be modeled after the Shearwater Teric which is a huge succes. It looks a lot like the Teric but is a bit more on the recreational side of diving. A full colour display, a rechargeable battery and the d5 uses the Fuse RGBM Algorithm. Although watch size dive computers aren’t as popular as the used the be we have high expectations for the Suunto d5.

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