Mares Pure SLS Review

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The Mares Pure SLS is one of the first Mares BCDs which is equipped with the new SLS weight system. This system should prevent the weight pockets from sliding out during a dive. The old Mares weight system (MRS Plus) had the nasty habit of falling out during your dive.

The first thing you notice when we look at the Mares Pure SLS is that the traditional cummerbund is missing. A metal closure which is normally seen on weight belts replaces it. This allows you to really tighten it and it will prevent the BCD from moving up during your dive.


The Pure SLS has a back-mounted bladder and is therefore a so called semi-wing BCD. The bladder delivers a lift capacity of 18 kg (170n) and this is just a little shy of its direct competitors like the Scubapro Seahawk. It is possible to dive with a double tank system but you need to purchase separately sold straps in order to mount the tanks properly. Mares doesn’t specify how big the double tank system can be but we reckon a double 7 liter or a double 8,5 liter is really the maximum payload.

The harness has sufficient padding and feels very comfortable when wearing the BCD. The Pure SLS has 6 steel d-rings which are large and strong enough to carry many accessories. To make it as lean as possible Mares has removed all the side pockets. There is some storage left in the form of a fold out pocket which is located under the weight system on the side. The pocket is large enough to carry a small camera or buoy.

The New SLS Weight System

The new SLS weight system delivers on its promise and stays put during your dive. This is mainly due to the new locking mechanical and the indicators on the side which will tell you if the weight pocket is secured (green) or not (red). Despite of this the pocket still has a quick release mechanisme which ensures that you can pull it out with a hard jerk in case of an emergency. There is one disadvantage though; it can be hard to get the weight pockets out of the BCD when you aren’t wearing it. Also the mounting of the weight pockets need some getting used to so before your dive make sure you have practiced putting in the pockets a few times.

Is the Mares Pure SLS worth a buy?

The Mares Pure SlS is a BCD which you can easily take along on your travels thanks to the light weight. It’s also a great BCD for use at home because of the great diving characteristics. The lack of storage space is something dive professionals might consider a downside. The large pull out pocket offers some relieve thanks to its big size. The new SLS system is great and ensures your weights will keep in place during the entire dive.

Also check the Scubapro Hydros Pro as a option!

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