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Mares Puck Pro (Plus) Review | Upgraded but better?

by Arjan Ligtermoet

The well know Mares Puck Pro has received an update adding some features and a visual update of the outside of the computer. The computer is now called the Mares Puck Pro + and for now you can still buy the normal puck pro. So is it worth buying the plus version or should you stick with the cheaper normal Mares Puck Pro?

On the outside not a whole lot has changed. There are three different colors available: White/black, Blue/Black and one version where the computer is completely black. Mares is stepping away from all the bright colors although they might add a few more colors in the future like they have done with the previous Puck Pro. On the inside ring they have added words to clarify what you’r reading on the display and the lower symbols are in color now. Everything else is still pretty much the way it was on the old Puck Pro.

Mares Puck Pro Review Mares Puck Pro Review Mares Puck Pro Review


The display is still one of the best on a big display computer in this price range. The display is easy to read in all circumstances. Thanks to the back-lighting you will have no problem reading it during a night dive. We might even want to state that this puck pro is as easy to read as the more expensive Suunto Zoop Novo, even-though it is a bit smaller.  The screen has three segments with on top the depth and your ascending or descending speed. The biggest part in the middle is reserved for your non-decompression time and on the bottom you will find your bottom time.

Mares Puck Pro ReviewMares Puck Pro Review

Soaring through the menu’s

The Mares Puck Pro is quite easy to operate with only one button. One click of it brings you into the menu’s and you can cycle through it by pressing it again. If you see an option you like, just hold the button for two seconds and you’r in. Everything in the menu is in a logical order and very easy to find. The only downside of a single button computer is that you might miss the option you wanted and need to cycle through the whole menu again.

An interface is not included and you can buy this separately. Mares just introduced their new Bluetooth interface which you can pick up for a reasonable price of $ 49,93 / € 60,00 on amazon. Yes they should include some sort of an interface with a $ 200 computer but since no brand ever does this with a low budget computer we’re not gonna see it as a con. At least the log program is for free and you can download it right here.  In the contrary to other brands Mares does upgrade their computers and these are freely available. You do need the interface for that as well.

Mares Puck Pro Review

Added Features

Like the original Puck Pro, the plus version has a normal dive mode, a free dive mode and you can use it in gauge mode.  New is the improved enriched air mode which now handles up to 99% mixtures. Also it has te ability to switch between two gases during your dive. Furthermore you can expect all the usual features of a big display beginner dive computer. The log stores up to 35 hours worth of diving with a sampling rate 5 seconds. The algoritme allows deepstops and diving on altitude. The only thing we’re missing is a depth and a bottom time alarm.

Other things worth mentioning

What otherwise is a very well build computer, we where not to happy with the strap. It somehow seem shorter than other straps like the one from Aqua Lung on the i100. Having not the biggest fore-arms I still had some trouble putting on the Puck Pro. We can imagine if you have slightly bigger arms you might have some trouble there. There is no extension set available so you have to make due with the provided strap. The battery is user replaceable and will keep you computer powered for nearly two years.

Mares Puck Pro Review

Is the Mares Puck Pro Plus Worth a Buy?

The added Bluetooth connectivity is nice and works great. You will have to buy it separately but it won’t break the bank. When you decide to pick up a Mares Puck Pro this will be the main thing to ask yourself. Are you gonna use the Bluetooth connectivity? If your answer is no than you will probably be fine with the normal Puck Pro which is a lot cheaper. Both are great computers and great for every beginning scuba diver despite the few flaws.


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Darryl Scott November 2, 2018 - 2:35 pm

Good review on the Puck pro +, thank you. Suggest that it is not a ‘beginners’ computer but a recreational / leisure divers computer. It looks perfect replacement for us. I qualified in 1964 my lady in 68/9, before PADI was a glint in the bank manages eye. Not that the description actually concerns me but it may do for more sensitive souls.

Craig Sullivan March 4, 2019 - 9:19 pm

Do not buy a Puck Pro, while it states in their litrature that the battery is user replaceable sourcing a new o ring is impossible. Mares refuses to provide a part number citing liability issues, really? You can buy o rings online for the regular Puck , Customer service was rude and could care less, so beware. This is the final straw for me and Mares, I have had other issue with them. You can contact me at 541-520-3412 if you want to know more

Corné Ligtermoet April 12, 2019 - 2:26 pm

Hi Craig,
Hmm that is strange, did you try with your local dive store? Normally they can provide you with the o-ring and battery for the Mares Puck Pro.


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