Mares Dive Boot Classic Review

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The Mares Dive Boot Classic is a simple and low end dive boot but it’s surprisingly affordable. In this review we will give you the goods and the boots so you can decide if the boot is right for you.


The Mares Dive Boot Classic is pretty straight forward. The design is simple and what you see is what you get. The boot is made of 5mm thick neopreen which should be warm enough in water from 10 degrees Celsius (50F) . If you are one of those folks which don’t get cold easily you can use it in waters below 10 degrees.


The Dive Boot classic has a flexible sole which is good and bad ad the same time. You have more contact with your fin during your dive but when walking over rocks you will feel more of them poking through your sole. Stingers like sea urchins will also penetrate the sole easier. The bump on the rear of the shoe is there to keep the fin strap in place and does so very well. Surrounding the bump Mares added some more vulcanized rubber to protect the heel. Even more of this rubber is on top of the shoe to protect it from the edge of the foot pocket of the fin.


Sizes vary from size 4 (35/36 EU) all the way up to size 13 (46/47 EU). The boot is quitte easy to put on thanks to the long zipper and the neoprene stretches a lot. Therefore there is a big whole for your foot to slide in.

Is the Mares Dive Boot Classic worth a buy?

The Mares Dive Boot Classic is a great dive boot as longs as you dive in water which is warmer then 10 degrees. Also the sole is on the thin side and you need to watch out were you place your foot. If you don’t mind those things you get a great boot for a great price!

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