Wildlife Photographer Captures Magical Footage of Humpback Heat Run!

Scott Portelli, one of Australia’s top wildlife photographers, has spend the better part of two decades freediving with humpback whales. While Humpbacks normally prefer colder water conditions they gather between the months of July and October around the tiny Island nation of Tonga. Since the waters are warm they are deemed ideal for breeding and giving birth. 

Scott managed to capture one of natures most stunning events – the Humpback heat run. In this particular case 15 males compete for the attention of one female. This event can last up to hours or even days! The capture the footage Scott positions himself in front of these massive 40 tons weighing animals. If only Humpbacks wheren’t enough a pod of rough-toothed dolphins decided to joint the frustrated mails as well!

Okay, this is going on my bucket list. Have you ever been witness to such an amazing underwater event? Let me know in the comments!

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