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Divers Discovers A Deserted Underwater Strip Club

by Arjan Ligtermoet
Divers Discovers a deserted strip club
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The ocean is full of wonders but the what Gil Koplovitz found of coast of Israel will baffle even the most experienced diver, an underwater strip club! Gil was diving along a long dock when he discovered a large structure beneath the waves with windows and all. As he peaked through the windows he saw the interior of what seemed to be a club. Only until his eye caught the large glimmering pole right smack in the middle of it. It turnes out he found the remains of an abandoned strip club.

After some research on the building Gil found out that originally the underwater building was used as a restaurant. The restaurant didn’t do so well and ultimately closed, only to be turned into a strip club later on. The club was named Nymphas Show Bar and is connected to the surface by a staircase at the end of the pier. When and why the club closed remains a mystery until today.

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