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Deepblu Cosmiq Plus Review | Yep, Get This Dive Computer!

by Arjan Ligtermoet
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With the Cosmiq Deepblu managed to truly add an innovation to the field of dive computing. The dedicated app works great and the community which they are trying the build is impressive. With a price tag of only $ 339.00 the  Deepblu Cosmiq surpasses the Suunto Zoop Novo and Mares Puck Pro in capabilities. 

The first thing you will notice when you take the Deepblu Cosmiq out of it’s protective case, is the free colorful strap you get with it.  The Cosmiq is available with a black housing and a white one with a different color of lining around the display. Beside the standard black or white strap you get an extra colorful one matching the housing of the computer. Both straps are long enough to fit over any wet- or dry suit without an extension strap attached.  These NATO Nylon straps feel also very though and durable.

Deepblu Cosmiq Review

The Important Stuff….SPECS!

The Deepblu Cosmiq is an entry-level dive computer. This means there are no features like two gas diving, an electronic compass or air integration. What you see is what you get seems the be the motto here. What you do get is of course a dive mode and a freedive mode. It’s also possible to put the Cosmiq into gauge mode where it only records the depth and bottom time.

The settings options for the dive mode are pretty straight forward. It’s possible to dive with an enriched air mixture up to 40 procent and a ppo2 ranging from 1.2 up to 1.6. Furthermore you can set a depth alarm and a bottom time alarm. The algoritme is based on the Bühlmann ZHL-16C model and can be set on progressive, normal and conservative.  And that’s it, no list of options and settings to get through. Just the things you need as a starting diver.

Deepblu Cosmiq Review Deepblu Cosmiq Review

In the general settings you can set an arrange of settings from the type of water to what measurement units to use. The freedive mode is even more simpler. It’s possible to set three different depth alarms and a time alarm and you’re done! I think it’s fair to say that even the most tech-alphabetic this can manage.

The App?!

The astonishing fact is that all the settings are controlled from the Cosmiq app.  So no holding down the mode button for three seconds or scrolling endlessly through a menu. You just have to put the computer into sync mode, open the app and away you go. It takes only seconds for the app to pick up the computer and before the settings appear in the app. Through simple drop-down menu’s all the settings are manipulated and this is truly the easiest way I ever changed the settings on a dive computer.

Deepblu Cosmiq Review Deepblu Cosmiq Review

One of the downsides is the fact that you one: need a smartphone to operate the Comsiq and two: need to have it with you all the time when you want to edit the settings. But you won’t need to bring it onto the dive boat after all. Deepblu has made some critical settings still manageable from the computer itself. It’s possible to change the gas mixture and all the freedive settings on the fly.

Log That Dive!

Besides editing settings the app also plays a major role in logging your dives.  After your dive you set the Deepblu Cosmiq to sync and open the app. All the dives will automatically transfer to your phone where all the data is available to you. You can add the dive spot, the gear used and even photo’s! When you have filled everything out you can post the dive onto the Deepblu social network and join the other Deepblu divers all around the world. Of course this is optional and not mandatory. It’s fun to see logs of other divers from all over the globe.

One of the best parts of the app and the community is the ability to review dive spots. You can give a star rating to a dive spot and see what others thought of the spot. This could be a great way to share conditions and prevent disappointments in the future.  If Deepblu manages to build a community with all kind of reviews in then this can be the platform of the future. Up to date the logs in the Netherlands are only in the dozens and there are not that many dive spots added so far.

Straight Forward Even in the Water

Like above the Deepblu Cosmiq Plus is pretty straight forward below. The reverse LCD display is easy to read but the numbers are a bit thin for my taste. Because the display is flat you may encounter some glare on the display. When you apply the included anti-glare display shield this problem is mostly solved but some glare still appears in bright conditions. All the information is easy to read and shown in logical places.

Deepblu Cosmiq Review Deepblu Cosmiq Review

The battery should last you for about 12 diving hours but you have to put the computer into sleep mode in between dives to reach that amount of operating hours. Charging the Cosmiq you do with the included interface which clamps on with a magnetic connection. The computer get regular updates for which you won’t need the interface. These you can download via the app and transfer to the computer directly.

Is the DeepBlu Cosmiq Worth a Buy?

If you ask me this is one of the best entry-level dive computers I have seen in a long time! The connection to the app works great and isn’t the hassle you might expect. The community which Deepblu is trying to build is impressive but can use some more users. The fact that you can book trips and holidays via the same app wasn’t that appealing to us but this is also a geographical thing because of the lack of offers in our area. Besides the app the Cosmiq is an impressive dive computer with a great display and a straight forward interface without any unnecessary extras added. If I would have to choose my first dive computer I would definitively pick the Deepblu Cosmiq Plus!

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