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Cressi Calibro Review | Scuba Mask With Anti-fog Membrane

by Arjan Ligtermoet

The newest Cressi Calibro has a big promise but is it good enough? All in all a pretty standard mask wasn’t it for the fog stop membrane inside the mask. The membrane around the nose is said to make a fogged mask a thing of the past. This is quitte a bold claim and of course we where eager to put this claim to the test! 

On first sight the Cressi Calibro is a normal mask. It has two mineral tempered lenses which on first glance are quitte small. There are no prescription lenses available for the Calibro yet and looking at the frame work of the mask it doesn’t seem like they will introduce some in the future. The mate coating on the outside of the lenses prevents reflections which may disturb marine life.

Great Field of Vision

What makes up for the smaller lenses is the low volume. Your eyes are almost right against the glass which gives you a great field of vision. Thanks to the low volume clearing water out of the mask is a piece of cake and it makes the Calibro well suited for freediving as well. Only downside of it is the fact you have to eqalize the mask more often to prevent a mask squeeze.

Cressi Calibro Review

Size and Skirt

The skirt of the Calibro is made out of 100 procent silicon which feels firm and well shaped. The silicon isn’t as soft as the silicon of the Aqualung Reveal X2 which we reviewed earlier this year. The great fit makes up for this in a certain way if the mask will fit you of course. The Calibro is shaped quitte small and therefore won’t fit divers with a larger face. If you have a medium of small sized face you should be more than oké.

Anti-fog Membrane

The big innovation on the Cressi Calibro is on the inside near the nose part. The anti-fog membrane closes of the nose from the rest of the mask. When you exhale out through your nose the warm air is transferred down by the membrane, away from the lenses.  Together with normal anti-fog measures like spitting of using a anti-fog agent this ensures your mask won’t ever fog again.

Cressi Calibro Review Cressi Calibro Review

So does this membrane do it’s job? Yes and no! First off we tried the mask without any pre-treatment or anti-fog and quitte understandably the mask fogs. To give Cressi some credit, they tell you to use an anti-fog agent before using the mask. So that we did and this time around the mask doesn’t fog whatsoever. No matter what you do, as long as you keep the mask on, it will stay fog free.

Clearing water out of the Calibro

One concern we had was the fact that the membrane encloses your nose in the mask. Clearing out any water would , in theorie, be difficult. Underwater this seemed rather easy, being only a little more difficult than a normal mask. The one downside however is that the water will wash away the anti-fog agent and this causes the mask to fog again. Best way to prevent this is to pre-treat the mask with toothpaste anyway.

Did you read our full article about preventing your mask from fogging? 

Cressi Calibro Review

Is the Cressi Calibro Worth a Buy?

If you are a scuba diver which loves to freedive as wel then the Cressi Calibro is the way to go for you. Thanks to it’s low volume and great fit this mask performs great in both worlds. The anti-fog membrane works but you still need to use an anti-fog agent to reduce the risk of fogging. If you do this you will never have a fogging mask again which is a great comfort while diving.

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