Aqualung Teknika Review

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The Aqualung Teknika is marketed as a mask specially designed for technical diving. In this review we put it to the test and see if its really good enough to be used during long and deep dives! Is it better then the Aqualung Reveal X2?

When you take a look at the Teknika you can easily see Aqualung went for the technical dive look. The frame is made of shock-absorbent polymer which is pretty though. So even when you drop your mask it should stay in one piece. On all four corners are little screws which keep the frame together and Aqualung was smart enough to make the rust resistant.

Great fit

The Aqualung Teknika is only available in black with a black skirt. This is the preferred colour by technical divers but some choice of colour on the frame would’ve been nice. The black skirt blocks out any redundant light which is a lot calmer on the eyes. When you put the Teknika onto your face you will immediately feel how soft it is. The skirt feels nice and comfortable and the fit is great, almost all types of faces will fit except for really small ones. Equalizing is really easy because the nose pockets has exactly the right size.

Technical mask?

A good technical mask has to fold all the way flat because a spare one needs to find into the leg pocket of your dry suit. Aqualung made sure the clips fold all the way flat making the profile of the mask sort of thin. It’s nowhere near as thin as a frameless dive mask which are the standard in the technical diving scene. Because it is normal to use the same spare mask as your primary the Aqualung Teknika will take up more room in your pocket because of the polymer frame. Even-tough the clips adjust easily even when wearing gloves and the strap on the back is good.

Inside the mask

The volume of the Teknika is kept to a minimum so your eyes are close to the glass. Thanks to this your field of vision is great and when you need the clear the mask of water this is easily done. Last but not least it is not possible to put prescription lenses into the mask.

Is the Aqualung Teknika worth a Buy?

The Aqualung Teknika is a great mask but maybe not for technical diving. Because its simply to big to store most technical divers will prefer a frameless mask over the Teknika. When you’r not a technical diver the Teknika is a great mask with an outstanding fit.

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Lou Viada September 8, 2019 - 7:10 pm
I have had bifocal prescriptions installed in mine. Don’t understand your comment that you can’t install prescriptions.
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