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Aqualung Reveal X2 | Better then the Aqualung Teknika?

by Arjan Ligtermoet

All the previous masks made by Aqualung have one problem in common, the skirt isn’t always that comfortable. The only exception to this rule untill now is the Aqualung Teknika. With the new Aqualung Reveal X2 aqualung hopes to changes this and take back that bit of market share that they have lost. 

The Aqualung Reveal X2 is a standard double lens mask with the option of putting prescription lenses in it. The range on these lenses is quitte big ranging from +3 to -10. The glass is drop shaped but isn’t as big as the Mares X-vision Ultra which also has the capability of prescription lenses.

Buckle up!

The clips on the side have big buttons on them which are easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. They also fold all the way flat and thanks to that it is easier to store the mask in for example a pocket. The strap is a bit on the big side which could give you trouble if you want to apply a neoprene strap cover.

Aqualung Reveal X2 Folded FlatAqualung Reveal X2 Strap

Inside the Reveal

Even though the mask is called the reveal you still will see a part of the frame. This is because of the medium sized volume which leaves a normal amount of space between your eyes and the mask. Almost all of the colors are only available with clear silicone. There is one Reveal X2 with black silicone and this one comes with a black frame.

The Skirt

So did Aqualung succeed in making the Reveal X2 the most comfortable mask on the market? No they didn’t but it is the best Aqualung mask to date. The silicone skirt feels comfortable and soft against the face but isn’t as comfortable as the current king of masks, the Tusa Freedom series. Even though the fit is great, we’ve tested the mask on many types of faces and they all seemed to fit! The only time the mask didn’t fit like a glove was with test subjects with really broad faces.
Aqualung Reveal X2 Fit Aqualung Reveal X2 Colors

Is the Aqualung Reveal X2 worth a buy

We think Aqualung has made one of their best mask to date. The silicone is soft and the fit is great! Also the possibility to put cheap prescription lenses in it will make a lot of people happy. A great buy for all divers!

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