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Aqua Lung Rogue Review | Better then the Outlaw?

by Arjan Ligtermoet

After the introduction of the Outlaw Aqua Lung decided that is was time for a beefed up version of this BCD. So not after long the Aqua Lung Rogue was born. With a more padded backplate and straps, weight pockets and better quality d-rings, it’s truly the big brother of the outlaw. With only a small difference in price the Rogue is one of our favorite BCDs. 

Much like the Outlaw the Aqua Lung Rogue comes disassembled. This to make the diver familiarized with the system. Putting together the BCD isn’t a hassle and can be done within five minutes.  The Rogue uses a system where all the straps click into place and can easily be changed out. This is awesome when you take the rogue on your trips. You will be able to disassemble the BC and stow it in your luggage just the way you want.

Aqua Lung Rogue Review Aqua Lung Rogue Review

27 different sizing options

Thanks to this system it’s possible to create 27 different sizes. You can change out the shoulderstraps when you have broad shoulders or choose a larger backplate if you are a bit taller. Sadly it isn’t possible to make these changes upon purchase. We couldn’t locate one store which offers a different size straps which differ from the overall size. So if you are a bit taller and you want to get the large backplate, you have to buy it separately. This is a shame because the option is there and it would be great to customize your own Rogue.

What the system also does is making the Rogue a modular BCD. This means that when you tear a strap or the bladder punctures, you will be able to replace just that part instead of buying a completely new BCD. When we got together with a Aqua Lung spokes-person he could tell us that even more additional accessories are on it’s way.  Making the Rogue even more modular with more options!

A true travel BCD?

Weighing in just over 2.2 kg/5.8 lbs, the Rogue is a perfect travel BCD“. At least that is what is advertised by Aqua Lung. In reality the Rogue is a bit more heavy. Without the supplied weightpockets the Rogue weighs in at 2.6 kg/5.7 lbs in size M/L and with the weight pockets 3.0 kg/6.6 lbs. This is certainly more than other competitors in the travel BCD niche and a lot more than the Outlaw. Like said before one of the big features which makes this a travel BC isn’t the weight though. The fact that you can disassemble the Rogue makes it really easy to stow in your luggage.

Aqua Lung Rogue ReviewAqua Lung Rogue Review

Build Quality

The bladder on the back has got a upgrade and now contains 35 lbs of lifting capacity which is more than sufficient. Even when you intend to use the Rogue in colder waters with a lot of weights needed this should be more than enough. It does look a bit fragile but time needs to tell if the material is strong enough. We have been pretty rough on it and the bladder held it’s own.

The other components on the Rogue look wel build and are more robust than on the Outlaw. They have ditched the goofy octopus holder en carabinier hook from the Outlaw which where simply awful. It’s good to see that Aqua Lung replaced these with quality d-rings and daisy chains. Also new are the two pouches on the cummerband. Both fold out and become pretty large. On the right pocket there is even a SMB holder.

Aqua Lung Rogue Review Aqua Lung Rogue Review

One thing what did bug us a bit is the right dumb valve. You need to connect the little line from the shoulderstrap with the line which comes out of the dump valve. This connection is made through a little plastic piece which fits together. One the line looks a bit thin and two the plastic connector looks really fragile. We think this plastic connector is bound to break sooner than later.

In the water

Once you hit the water you can feel that the Aqua Lung Rogue is in it’s element. You have tons of freedom of movement thanks to the lower sides of the BC. It basically feels like you are wearing a backpack. Because of the wing style bladder you won’t feel anything, even if you inflate the bladder fully. The Rogue really pushes you in that perfect diving position, keeping you nice and flat. The inflator is easy to reach and operating it feels great.

The weighpockets are located on the back and face down. Before you think this is a deal breaker, the surelock II system of Aqua Lung is great. We have dove with our fair share of BCs equipped with this system and never have we lost one pocket. One lack of the system is though that the pockets are still pretty small. If you want to put in more than 3 kg/6 lbs than you really need to stuff it.

Aqua Lung Rogue Review

Is the Aqua Lung Rogue Worth a Buy?

The Aqua Lung Rogue is a great improvement over the Aqua Lung Outlaw. It’s not as bare bones as it’s little brother and I think a lot of divers can appreciate that. Considering that it’s only a fraction more expensive and that the weightpockets are included we would opt for the Rogue over the Outlaw. Compared with other travel BCDs it’s a bit heavy but the fact that you can take it apart does make a big difference. All in all a great BCD with a few beauty marks which may be a deal breaker for you. It’s up to you on this one.

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Steve April 12, 2019 - 5:59 am

Have you compared the Rogue to the Scubapro Litehawk?

Corné Ligtermoet April 12, 2019 - 2:20 pm

Hi Steve,
Thanks for you question!
Personally I would choose the Roque above the Litehawk. Especially if you want to travel a lot with, the big pro from the rogue is that you can take it apart and bring it with you. Besides that when something breaks you can replace that piece so you don’t have to replace the whole wing. Please let me know if it makes sense and if you have question I love to answer them!

Susan October 16, 2019 - 10:06 pm

CAUTION for the Aqualung Rogue – NEVER BUY A BCD WITH PLASTIC PIECES!! I bought this BCD in 2018, just finished a dive trip a week ago. I had only about 35 dives on it, and on the last dive my weight pocket fell off during the dive! I started to involuntarily ascend, thank god I was near a bottom surface and not on a wall (where it could never be retrieved) and that someone was close to me and grabbed it quickly!! This was a life-threatening situation. I thought the BCD was cool because you could take it apart and it was lightweight for travel, but the weight pockets are held on by plastic tabs that fatigue easily!! Upon inspection, the tab (that that weight pocket clicks into), is so fatigued that it’s about to break off, again after 35 dives! The tab on other side that holds the other weight pocket is also fatigued and I’m sure would’ve failed soon. I took a lot of care with the BCD – never stored it with the weights in between dives. I would never let anyone I know dive with this BCD.

Mohamed Al-Awwa July 24, 2019 - 8:13 am

regarding the small pockets, i have the rogue and there are 2 options for pockets, either the small or large, i have the large pockets and it can take up to 5KG each, i tried it last week.


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