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On first glance the Aqua Lung Phazer fins seam nothing special. They kind of look like a normal paddle fin like there are so many of. But thanks to the by Aqua Lung called Wave Rib-Technology the fins seems to load up your fin kick and release the power just in the right time. 

The Aqua Lung Phazer is available in five colors namely black, black/hot lime, white/hot lime, pink and blue. All look flashy but the white may get dirty really quick. There are three sizes available small, medium and large so nothing special there as well. The price range seems to be around the $ 189,95 or  € 119,- which seems fair compared to other fins. The Phazer is composed of three types of plastic and rubber. Softer rubber around the footpocket and harder plastic in the paddle section to create stiffness.

Snapping around with the Phazer

The Aqua Lung Phazer is has elastic heel straps which kind of look like the rubber ones on the Mares X-Stream fins. They are a bit stiff though which makes them hard to pull over your heel. After a few dives they do loosen up and it gets easier to don the fins. These fins are specifically designed to swim in a normal paddle way, only then the side ribs do their job. Doing a frogkick is possible but did feel a bit weird to me.

When swimming along you notice that it seems like the fins kinda push you along at the half way point of your kick. It is a small push but still noticeable. Swimming against a current isn’t a problem at all when wearing the Phazers.  The footpocket is comfortable, even after an hour of paddling you won’t feel any discomfort.

So is the Aqua Lung Phazer worth a buy?

Aqua Lung did a great job with the Phazer. A truly wonderful paddle fin to use on your home turf. When you want to bring these fins on your travels you may encounter some difficulties because the way 2.2 lbs per fin. This is due to the high quality rubber in the middle of the fin.

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