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As a newbie to photography your probably gonna have a hard time. As a newbie to underwater photography your chance of getting some great photos right from the get go are very slim. To kickstart your underwater photography skills we have compiled a list with three tips for better underwater photos!  

1. No top down photos

Most common mistake when you first get a camera on your hands is photographing everything from the top. Yes, this is the way you see it but it makes the image seem very flat. Another side effect is that the background makes the image very messy, especially when your shooting in a exotic location with loads of coral.

Important to add here is that there is some sort of a moral code. Underwater photographers pass on a subject when there is no chance of getting the picture without doing damage to the environment. So always look around and see if your not damaging the reef before taking a photo.

2. Get Closer

Sometimes the scenery underwater is that impressive that you just point your camera and schoot. Typically these aren’t the best pictures. Because there isn’t a lot of light to work with underwater your image will almost always turn out blue or green. Depending on the water your diving in. This can be prevented with big strobes but since your just starting chances are you won’t have expensive strobes just yet.

A better way to get better images is getting in close. Focus on a detail like a nice fish or a nice piece of coral. This also ensures that the viewer has something to focus on and it draws there eyes to the object. Usually this makes the photo a lot more interesting.

3. Compose your image

Next tip is all about how you frame your image. First thing to keep in mind is that there are no rules. You can compose your image just the way you want. Things like the rule of thirds, golden spiral and the golden triangle are mere guidelines and more often than once the best pictures break these rules. Nonetheless these rules do make for a more compelling image and there is science backing this up. Were not here to tell you how to compose your image but at least think about your composition and what your trying to create.

Rule of thirds: Leading lines:Framing your subject:Using the golden spiral:


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